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New Publication in Nanophotonics

March 27, 2024

Check out our latest publication: Photothermal Spectroscopy On-Chip Sensor for the Measurement of a PMMA Film using a Silicon Nitride Micro-Ring Resonator and an External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser, led by Giovanna Ricchiuti and recently published in Nanophotonics De Gruyter. This paper introduces an innovative on-chip photothermal spectroscopy sensor designed for measuring thin films of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) utilizing a unique combination of a silicon nitride micro-ring resonator and an external cavity quantum cascade laser (EC-QCL).

This research, a product of collaborative efforts within the OPTAPHI double doctorate program, highlights the integration of analytical chemistry techniques from the CAVS Research Group at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry at Technische Universität Wien and advanced nanophotonic device fabrication skills from the Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (CAPPA) group at Munster Technological University, in close collaboration with the Tyndall National Institute.

Special thanks to our co-authors, contributors, and especially to our supervisors, Dr. Liam O’Faolain and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lendl, for their indispensable guidance. This achievement emphasizes the synergy between analytical chemistry and advanced nanophotonic device fabrication, paving the way for innovative online/in-line detection applications.

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